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For an impatient baker, waiting for butter to soften when you’re otherwise ready to go is like waiting for a pot of cold water to reach a boil. Minutes feel like weeks. OK, that’s dramatic, but it is annoying. The problem is now fully solved by Oster’s HeatSoft 7-speed hand mixer, currently 50% off at Best Buy, today only, as part of its regular Deal of the Day promo.

But it’s not just the hand mixer on discount today. Best Buy has a high-performance KitchenAid convection and toaster oven down to just $80 (from its original $140), and a nifty three-headed slow-cooker on sale for less than $30 (down from $60). 

Let’s peep this trio of one-day kitchen deals. 


The Oster hand mixer does everything you want your hand mixer to do for easy no-fuss, in-bowl mixing but with one key additional feature: It blows a gentle breeze of warm air out the front to bring your butter (and other ingredients) to room temperature in seconds, so you can get mixing right away. Genius. 


Big enough to roast an entire chicken or cook a 12-inch pizza, this sleek, stainless steel toaster and convection oven receives high marks in nearly 600 verified-purchase reviews on Best Buy. This compact KitchenAid oven provides much-needed extra cooking space for any serial host or hostess.


If you’re planning to host some tournament watch parties in March, check out the Bella triple slow cooker and warmer. This nifty buffet feels tailor-made to hold a threesome of game day foods and dips like queso, chili, spinach artichoke dip, gravy or buffalo chicken dip (if someone doesn’t stop me, I’ll go on forever). 

The Oster hand mixer and the KitchenAid oven both ship for free ($30 minimum). Or order any of these three deals online and pick them up for free at your local brick-and-mortar Best Buy location.

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