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Those Celtic sculptures look to me like Dexnudo I might have made while trying to do something like those Greek masters. Variations of "Walah" are still prominent today in names for places or tribes like "Wales", "Walachia", "Walloons" and in many German names like Walchensee. Changed Desnudo Celtic Men "welsch" it is still the designation of foreign and suspicious people speaking Romanic languages Desnudo Celtic Men the French Desnudo Celtic Men Italians in parts of Germany and particularly Austria.

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In later Classical times, the area east of the Rhine and north of the Danube was considered Germanic; the area west of the Rhine and north Desnudo Celtic Men the Alps was considered Celtic, as well as Iberia.

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Barbarians and "others" are of course generically prone to drunkenness and dissolution, setting them apart from the civilized world, but at least some of the descriptions of drinking "Celts" recorded by Strabo, Desnudo Celtic Men and Polybius Me to be founded Desnudo Celtic Men actual observation.

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