Kdenlive 20.04 Beta Released (video editor)

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Open-source video editors over the years have generally fallen well short of the stability and feature set offered by proprietary video editing solutions but in recent years at least there has been some measurable progress to the likes of Kdenlive and OpenShot. Out this weekend for testing is the Kdenlive 20.04 beta.

Kdenlive 20.04 is being prepared as part of the “KDE Applications” 20.04 milestone for next month. For those wanting to help in spotting any last minute bugs, the Kdenlive 20.04 beta is available. For easy convenience across distributions, the AppImage is available of this first Kdenlive 20.04 beta.

Kdenlive 20.04 has been working on various effect improvements, preview scaling in monitors, multi-cam improvements, audio track improvements, a start-up splash screen, and many other fixes through the non-linear video editor’s increasing code-base.

If you try out Kdenlive 20.04 beta, make sure you share your experiences with us in the forums.

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