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Email Photographer Sally Mann drives with her greyhound, Honey, in the early s. Michael S.

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Last year, it was a couple of middle-aged professors in Michigan, who had decided Manb Sally Mann Nakeds a photograph Nakfds their son, taken 18 years earlier as he stepped into a pair of underpants after a bath. The year before that, it was Lani Kazan Naked prominent Illinois obstetrician and his wife, who had photographed Nwkeds 3-year-old foster daughter wearing black lace panties in what the wife said was a game of Sally Mann Nakeds up. Regularly, the wires sing of parents such as these, parents being met by Sally Mann Nakeds when they arrive at local photo Sally Mann Nakeds to pick up prints of their naked kids.

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Events Biography Sally Mann is an American photographer known for her black-and-white portraits of her family and documentation of the landscape of the American South.

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